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Klein Karoo Seed Marketing (KKSM) is a seed company that provides for a full spectrum of farming needs and offers a wide seed product range comprising vegetables, pastures and agronomic crops.


KKSM has several branches within and outside South Africa and owns facilities on four continents. KKSM offices in Holland provide effective market access to Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Several excellent breeding stations and trial farms exist in Southern Africa and Europe.

KKSM produces seed all over the world including South Africa, Southern Africa, Europe, Australia, USA, South America and the East.


Genetic purity of KKSM seed is tested in the USA to ensure that farmers receive the correct product with high genetic purity. Seed that does not meet the necessary genetic requirements is destroyed.

KKSM sells both GMO and non-GMO products and has agreements to use GMO-technology from different suppliers in the development of new products.


New products are launched continuously to ensure that the company remains at the forefront of genetic progress. Innovation is the key to success for any seed company and KKSM is constantly developing and implementing innovative ideas.

The company’s wide access to genetic diversity
ensures that the farmer will always be on the cutting edge of genetic progress with KKSM seed.


K2 Seed views the manner in which cultivar choices are made as a very important aspect of modern farming. K2 Seed is thus focused on providing farmers with an agronomy product range which complies with all aspects.

Feel free to consult K2 for the best recommendations of maize cultivars, suitable for your environment, practice and needs.


K2 Seed, already an established name in the South African seed industry, focuses on helping producers to make the right product choices with the goal of promoting sustainable produc-tion.

K2 Seed offers a wide range of forage crops consisting of perennial and annual summer and winter crops.





Radyse is een van die voergewasse wat baie wyd aangepas is en wat met baie min water redelike goeie voer kan lewer vir die winter. Radyse word hoofsaaklik aan... Lees verder


Throughout the past summer season the best of old favourites and brand new varieties was on display at our K2 farmers’ days across South Africa... Read more


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