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KLEIN KAROO Seed Marketing products are tested for genetic purity in the USA ensuring that farmers receive the correct product of the highest genetic purity.


Quality is our trademark. A team of KLEIN KAROO Seed Marketing specialists are engaged to check every seed lot, to ensure that these meet the highest quality criteria for quality. This means not only visiting seed production fields and assessing the growing conditions of the seed crops, but also monitoring the seed quality during every step of processing. In accordance with ISTA rules, the seed lots are tested in our laboratory by our own staff for germination, seed vigour, purity, moisture content and the absence of diseases. Greenhouses and extended trial farms are being used to grow our seed samples to ensure the varietal purity.

In addition to our in-house quality control expertise, KKSB launched a genetic purity campaign in 2008. The genetic quality of all maize varieties was tested by Bio-Diagnostics, a well-known genetic specialist in the USA. The original footprint of each variety was tested to ensure that each genetic characteristic of each variety is still valid as per the initial registration of the variety.

The quality of original genetics is not negotiable for KKSM and we will not sell quality that we cannot confirm. KKSM in conjunction with Bio-Diagnostics launched a logo as proof of tests being performed on various maize varieties which will appear as a marker and proof on all maize packaging of products that have undergone the tests.

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