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KLEIN KAROO Seed Marketing is the leading independent seed company in Africa.

Our History

Roots in the Ostrich Industry

With lucerne as the primary product, KLEIN KAROO CO-OP was established in 1947 in Oudtshoorn, South Africa. The business was originally known for the role it played in the ostrich market worldwide. Between 1959 and 1979, ostrich leather and meat were exported for the first time, the first abattoir was built and ostrich feathers were processed and marketed as a unique South African product.

With access to well-developed seed cleaning lines at Oudtshoorn and Brits, the production of vegetable seed started in 1990. Hence the first satellite office in Brits was opened.

The founding of KLEIN KAROO Seed Marketing

In 2003, KLEIN KAROO SEED MARKETING (Pty) Ltd (KKSM), a subsidiary of the KLEIN KAROO CO-OP was founded. Due to specific demands in the market, KKSM entered into agreements with various seed companies around the world and cooperation agreements with recognized international seed companies secured exclusive distribution and marketing rights for exclusive vegetable hybrid seeds. This secured and originated KKSM's position in the hybrid vegetable market.

Our focus areas:

Pasture seed

KKSM has an extensive range of pasture crop seed available. The spectrum of varieties includes annual and perennial sub-tropical and perennial grasses with lucerne being the biggest seller in Africa.

Agronomy seed

The KKSM agronomy product range includes various crop types. The maize range comprises both white and yellow maize seed with the most advanced technology available. The maize hybrids available are part of the Roundup Ready and BT system and the sunflower seeds are part of the Clearfield production system.

Vegetable seed

An exclusive range of vegetable seeds is available from KKSM. The vegetable seed range includes both open pollinated as well as hybrid varieties.

International Distribution

In 2004, the international seed distributor, Bakker Brothers became a daughter company of KKSM, and the company product range was further expanded by introducing a wide range of sorghum, oats, lucerne, sunflower and canola seed.

KKSM now has cooperation agreements with almost all the major seed companies around the world. These agreements have contributed to the company’s excellent seed quality and availability of products.

All-in-one Seed Distributor

KKSM further entered into the agronomical seed market, and took a new direction in the future of the seed industry. In 2008, the complete range of vegetable and hybrid maize seed as well as genetically modified organisms were obtained. Genetics tests on maize varieties were done in the USA and a genetic purity campaign was launched. KKSM at this stage forward became known as the all-in-one seed distributor in South Africa, with a complete product range comprising vegetable, pasture, wheat, sunflower, maize and canola seed.

KKSM Branches

By 2010, KKSM operated from 8 satellite offices in 5 provinces and the first commercial product of in-house bred pumpkin and onion seed was produced.

In 2011 the second international subsidiary of KKSM, KLEIN KAROO SEED Zambia was born, with vegetables, pasture and white maize being the primary sellers in the Zambian market.

Social Development Programme: KLEIN KAROO Academy

The company’s focus through the years has been on three major markets. Professional farmers, the seed export market and home gardeners and small-scale farmers. However during the last few years, KKSM recognized a need for educating small scale farmers in South Africa. The lack of skill under up- and new coming farmers in South Africa plays a major role in the future of farming and KKSM addressed this shortcoming by establishing a social development subsidiary, KLEIN KAROO ACADEMY. KLEIN KAROO ACADEMY, an accredited training facility was then opened in 2012 in Oudtshoorn in aid of development of small scale farmers in South Africa.

Joining the Zaad Holdings Group

The company took yet another major business decision and KKSM sold majority shares to Zaad Holdings Ltd in November 2013. Zaad Holdings Ltd is a subsidiary of Zeder Investments Ltd, who in turn is the agricultural leg the PSG Group.

In addition to this evolving business, soybean was also introduced to the product portfolio and KLEIN KAROO SEED MARKETING Zimbabwe and KLEIN KAROO SEED MARKETING Mozambique subsidiaries were established.

KKSM Today

Today KKSM produces seed around the world including South Africa, Southern Africa, Europe, Australia, USA, South America and the East. The subsidiary Bakker Brothers in Holland, provides effective market access to Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Together with product expansion the company also invested in research and development. Several research stations within and outside South Africa were opened, and breeding stations and experimental farms exist in Southern Africa and Europe.

A few interesting facts about KKSM:

  • KKSM works in conjunction with all the multinational seed companies of the multinational seed    companies of the world.
  • The company’s seed is sold in 68 countries.
  • The company has five subsidiaries in seven countries, on four continents, providing work to over 400 employees.
  • KKSM is the biggest seller of lucerne seed in Africa.
  • KKSM is the company with the largest selection new technology products on the market.
  • KKSM is the leading independent seed company in Africa.
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