Brassica napus L. subsp. Napus
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Image Cultivar Type Category Yield potential Oil content % Plant vigour Growth period Plant height Sowing density
Crop use Blackleg rating
Hyola 50 Hybrid Conventional High High Excellent Medium late Medium tall

Sow: 3 - 4 Plant: 2 - 3

Grain Resistant

Hyola 555 TT Hybrid Triazine Moderately high Moderately high Excellent Medium early Medium Grain Resistant to moderately resistant

Hyola 575 CL Hybrid Clearfield Very high High Excellent Early Medium tall Grain, grazing Resistant

Hyola 61 Hybrid Conventional High Moderately high Excellent Medium early Short

Sow: 4 - 5 Plant: 3 - 4

Grain Moderate