Clover - Crimson
Trifolium incarnatum L.
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Image Cultivar Type Production period Morphological description Crop strengths Feeding value Production potential Crop uses Soil requirement Establishment
Crimson Temperate, Legume Annual, Winter

Erect growing, taproot with numerous small fibrous roots, red flower

Grows up to 0.15 - 0.22 cm

Large leaves, light green foliage is covered with soft hairs; leaves usually unmarked but sometimes have a few dark red spots

Seeds oval to round in shape; 330 000 seeds/kg

Nitrogen fixation

Reduces soil erosion and surface water pollution

Reduces grass and broadleaf weed pressure

Increases soil organic matter

Crude protein: 14 – 18 %

Digestibility: 65 – 70 %

Dry matter production: 2 - 4 t/ha/annum Hay, silage & soil improvement

Adapted to most soil types

pH range of 4.8 – 8.2

Plant during February – March; March – May

Seeding rate of 8 - 12 kg/ha dryland; 15 kg/ha irrigated