Clover - Red
Trifolium pratense L.
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Image Cultivar Type Production period Morphological description Crop strengths Feeding value Production potential Crop uses Soil requirement Establishment
Kenland Temperate legume Perennial, short live, 2-3 years

Herbaceous, erect, 0.50 m – 0.75 m tall

Strong, deep, extensive branched taproot

Flowers rose, purple or magenta

Seed kidney-shaped; yellow, brown or purple; 2 – 3 mm long; 600 000 seeds/kg

Adapted to a wide range of climatic conditions & highly productive

Easy to establish & can be grown in a short-term pasture mix

Tolerates shading and high temperatures

Reduces soil erosion and surface water pollution

Crude protein: 16 – 20 %

Digestibility: 65 – 70 %

Dry matter production: 4 - 18 t/ha/annum. Forage, hay and silage & soil conservation

Well-drained fertile soils of moderate to heavy textures

pH range of 5.5 – 7.0

Plant during March – May; September – Middle October

Seeding rate of 5 kg/ha