Medic - Burr
Medicago polymorpha L.
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Image Cultivar Type Production period Morphological description Crop strengths Feeding value Production potential Crop uses Soil requirement Establishment
Santiago Temperate, Legume Annual, Winter

Prostrate growing, grows up to 0.15 – 0.40 m tall

Leaflets trifoliate; wedge to heart shaped, green, hairless and slightly toothed on the end margin; purple-brown blotch at base of leaflet

Flowers yellow, pea-like

Seeds small, kidney-shaped, glossy yellow; 250 000 – 280 000 seeds/kg

Persistent in low rainfall areas

High seed production

Hard seeded and once established will maintain a bank of seed reserves in the soil and will self-regenerate from soil seed bank

Crude protein: 17 – 23 %

Digestibility: 55 – 75 %

Dry matter production: 4 - 18 t/ha/annum Forage, companion species, hay, cover crop & erosion control

Widely adapted to most soil types

Tolerant to moderate salinity

pH range between 5.5 – 8.0

Plant during April – May

Seeding rate of 3 – 12.5 kg/ha dryland; 12.5 – 15 kg/ha dryland